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An instant game-changer: the Hammer is the only all-in-one, universal low-frequency siren. Our unique system combines a siren, amplifier and speaker within a single unit. Pair it with a Typhoon, Storm Pro or any other siren. Compact and easy to install, mount it to any emergency vehicle for 100 watts of ultra-clear, powerfully consistent sound waves. The Hammer is capable of penetrating solid objects and helping to clear intersections quickly and safely.


    • Imput Voltage: 9V-15V DC
    • Current Draw: 17 Amps Peak
    • Frequency Input: 732hz - 4KHz
    • Frequency Output: 183Hz - 1KHz
    • Dimensions 7.25” W x 7.25” L x 9.25” H
    • Made in the USA
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