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About The Owner

Hello, and welcome to Emergency Lighting 360, My name is William Fitzgerald. I currently work as an EMT in West Virginia. I started this store to be able to offer quality products at a reasonable price. Working day in and day out in the emergency field I see, firsthand the importance of safety for our emergency personnel in the field.  I want to be able to offer the best product at the best price. I have chosen to go strictly Feniex due to Feniex offering Big Brand Quality for a fraction of the cost, which allows me to offer the best price to my customer base. A little additional information, I am a Veteran of the United States Army, where I served 2 combat deployments. I am also a West Virginia Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. I hope you will give me a chance to offer you a quality product for a fraction of the cost of the big brands. Don't forget to subscribe for your welcome discount.

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