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  • POWERFUL CIRCUIT PROTECTION--60 amp circuit breaker designed for robust protection, serving as a reliable marine circuit breaker. Safeguard your electrical system from excessive current with this high-quality breaker. Ignition Protected: S.A.E. J1625, J1171, UL1500
  • VERSATILE MARINE AND AUTOMOTIVE USE--Ideal for marine, automotive, and DC applications. Use it in auxiliary and accessory circuits for boats, marine vessels, RVs, yachts, batteries, trailers, buses, trucks, ATVs, winches, and more. Also used in battery charges and DC sound system.
  • EASY MANUAL RESET AND KILL SWITCH--Unique on/off reset push button allows for easy manual reset, eliminating the need for frequent fuse replacements. Doubles as a convenient kill switch for added functionality.
  • SOLID AND WATERPROOF DESIGN--Solid build with a new design and waterproof-resistant housing. 60 amp fuse breaker holders pass professional electrical performance and aging tests, ensuring a smooth on/off switch operation and reliable quality.
  • RUST PREVENTION WITH WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE--The dc circuit breaker includes a waterproof cover to prevent rust on metal parts. With a wide voltage range (12V-48V DC), this 60 amp circuit breaker 12v is versatile and suitable for various applications.

60 AMP Circuit Breaker Resettable

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