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The Feniex One is the world’s first autonomous controller. Feniex Industries now brings the officer, the fleet manager and the installer a brand new product of incredible performance. The Feniex One champions functionality, ease of use, and streamlined installation. The next evolution in smart controllers goes beyond traditional standards with innovations that bridge the gap of automation. Transformative technology. The Feniex One.

*Purchasing without an obd2 plug-in will limit the functionality of the controller and require additional installation. Consult your Feniex Representative or Customer Support for more questions. 


    • Max Current Draw: 60 Amps
    • Operating Current Draw: 1 Amp
    • Controller Cable Length: 15 Feet
    • Relay Plug-in Cables: 1 Foot
    • Programmable Buttons: x19
    • Programmable Outputs: x32
    • Programmable Inputs: x8
    • Fusion Data Link Ports: x2
    • Quad Serial Ports: x8
    • Siren Power: 200 Watts Dual Tone
    • Input Voltage: 10-18 Volts DC
    • Dimensions of Controller: 7.3” x 1.13” x 3.13”
    • Dimensions of Relay Box: 8” x 6.25” x 2.44”
    • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Made in the USA: Austin, TX
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